NAFI Leadership

Board of Directors

  • Andy Quinn, President
  • Hildy Paris, Treasurer
  • Dawn Alderucci, Clerk
  • Kim Opperman
  • William Benjamin
  • Amanda Buckingham
  • Glendaly Macci
  • Mark DeFanti

Leadership and Support Team

Regional Team

  • Lynn Bishop, Executive Director
  • Amy Lefebvre, Director of Operations
  • Bea Jaramillo, Director of Finance
  • Diana Bennett, Business Manager
  • Heather Kalin, Director of Human Resources
  • Melissa Petrone, Director of Quality Assurance
  • Rebecca Hamilton, Agency Supervisor
  • Diane Thompson, Project Director 
  • Liz Sitler, Project Director 

Business Office

  • Ann Naughton, Assistant Business Manager
  • Tanya Anisimov, Accounting Supervisor
  • Renae Earlington, Accounts Receivable
  • Lin Klimaszewski, Accounts Payable

Support Team

  • Matt Burns, IT Manager
  • Terri Malin, Human Resources Assistant
  • Angel McNiel, Office Manager
  • Jessica Clow, Training Manager
  • Tony Muniz, Director of Facilities