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NAFI CT’s Enrichment Fund

100% of proceeds go directly back to youth and families for supporting basic needs of heat and shelter to exposing individuals to opportunities within the Arts. Prior funding has been appropriated to:
  • Cultural Enrichment Opportunities
  • Basic Needs Assistance
  • Camp / Activity Fees
  • College Scholarships
  • Other Unfunded Needs
To request enrichment funding, please complete the appropriate Enrichment Fund Application and submit to

Program Initiatives and Agency Events

If you wish to provide support funding for teenage girls, boys, families or adults, your contributions can be directly utilized by a specific program or event. NAFI CT hosts events for all consumers on a regular basis, including:
  • NAFI CT Prom, where many experience the magic of the prom for the only time
  • NAFI Idol, where staff and consumers display their vast talents in a community venue, diverse holiday celebrations and summer camp opportunities.
  • NAFI CT Home Makeover, where NAFI CT employees donate their time to provide “home makeovers” for families in need of a fresh start. Your donations of time, skills, furniture, paint and household items are greatly appreciated to help give families a home they are proud of and where they feel safe.