Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

The Multisystemic Therapy Program (MST) is an evidenced based model that provides intensive family therapy for youth 12-18 with identified behavioral and/or mental health challenges. This model of treatment supports with a wide range of presenting clinical concerns including but not limited to difficulty with anger management, truancy, poor academic performance, problematic peer relationships, and strained family relations. The MST Program also has a strong substance abuse treatment component to support clients with decreasing and eliminating alcohol, marijuana, and harder drug usage if this behavior is present.

The program promotes behavior shifts in a youth’s natural environment, using the strengths of the individual, family, and extra-familial systems to facilitate positive change. Treatment goals are customized according to the unique needs of each client and the duration of treatment is approximately 3-5 months. Highly trained therapists work closely with parent(s)/caregivers in order to provide skills and support that are sustainable long after they are no longer part of the program. NAFI CT works collaboratively with an external consultant to ensure that best clinical practice is implemented and adhered to at all times. Program data is collected and reviewed continuously to ensure that our clients are being provided with the best level of care possible. The program also offers a consulting psychiatrist who is available for assessments and medication management as part of our multidisciplinary team. On-call after hours support is available to our clients and families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Program Contact:

Diane Thompson, MA

49-51 Wethersfield Ave.
Hartford, CT 06114

Phone: 860.560.0558
Fax: 860.560.0769

Program Information:

  • Program Type: In-Home Service
  • Service Types: Behavioral Health, Juvenile Justice
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Capacity: 158 statewide
  • Ages: 12-17 (18 by exception)
  • Length of Stay: 3-5 months

Locations Served:

Norwich; Waterford & New London County; Middletown, Meriden & Greater Middlesex County

Referring Agencies:

  • Department of Children and Families (DCF)
  • Court Support Services Division (CSSD)
  • Parole Services
  • Local Schools
  • Community Providers
  • Parent/Caregiver Self-Referrals

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