Logo for: NAFI Connecticut

At NAFI, we believe that a truly transformative DEI&B culture is a process of continuous learning and substantive action, rooted in our core values. We are committed to actions that create a culture where all feel respected, valued, empowered and see themselves reflected in our community. We are passionate about instilling a sense of belonging, celebrating diverse perspectives, and offering equal opportunities to grow and contribute. We trust that this will guide us in advancing our mission while empowering and inspiring service to something greater than ourselves.

DEI&B Committee Mission Statement

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Committee seeks to educate, engage, and empower the NAFI CT-NY-RI community on issues related to DEI&B. With the support of agency leadership, the Committee advises and recommends policy and practices, assists in DEI&B goal setting, and ensures that DEI&B principles are embedded in the framework of everything we do.

Committee Members:

  • Rachelle Franco, Co-Chair, NAFI Rhode Island
  • Ashley Walker, Co-Chair, NAFI Connecticut
  • Lynn Bishop, NAFI CT-NY-RI
  • Jessica Clow, NAFI CT-NY-RI
  • Diane Thompson, NAFI Connecticut
  • Annie Szarka, NAFI Connecticut
  • Casey Cullinane, NAFI Connecticut
  • Diego Alvarez, NAFI Connecticut
  • Amanda Nunez, NAFI New York
  • Alison Rodino, NAFI Rhode Island
  • Ramona Baptista, NAFI Rhode Island

For more information about the DEI&B Committee, please contact DEI@nafi.com.