NAFI Connecticut, Inc. Names 2014 Spirit of the Community Recipients

March 3, 2014

Each year NAFI/NFI’s Executive Team selects employees to receive Spirit of the Community Awards. These award recipients are recognized for their outstanding contribution to the agency and for exemplifying and enhancing the Spirit of the Community through their dedication and commitment to NAFI/NFI. Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

Ann Naughton, Assistant Business Manager

Ann Naughton has worked for NAFI for over nine years and there has not been a day where she hasn’t walked into the office without a cheery and authentic “Good Morning!” Then her work ethic kicks into overdrive as she tackles her endless tasks for the day. Wanting only the best for our staff and clients, she is always making improvements to systems and enthusiastically shares these ideas within and across departments. This heart-felt, humorous and energetic approach is contagious to all and is underscored by her drive to solve “the mysteries of all that is budgetary – both past and present.”

As the Sherlock Holmes of the business department, she is sought after by those far and wide to answer questions such as “Why does this not balance?”; “Can I pick your brain for a minute?”; And of course our favorite question – “Is there enough money in there?” Unraveling whatever mystery befalls the Business Team – a missing payment, an unbalanced budget, or reconciliation – she approaches each challenge with the determination of an athlete who is about to complete their first Warrior Dash. Ann’s competitive edge shines through when working with the state funding sources. Every 30 days she crosses the month’s end finish line with genuine passion and excitement. As the numbers reflect, this Assistant Business Manager is nothing short of the Spirit of our Community. Congratulations to Ann Naughton, Assistant Business Manager for NAFI CT.

Dr. Jeffrey Landau, Agency Psychiatrist

Dr. Landau has been with NAFI for more than eight years. His warmth, generosity and sense of humor were apparent from the beginning, and continue to nurture and inspire those around him. As several of the group home staff have expressed, “Simply working with this person is a therapeutic experience.” He is available and willing at all times to help out in crisis, responding to apologies with “It’s not a bother” and “I’m happy to do it.” Although this may not sound too different for many of our typical staff and leaders in NAFI, Dr. Landau is also the medical director of a state children’s hospital unit and a school for disabled children, consults with numerous other programs, and has a private practice. And he still makes time to bring pizza, offer a light-hearted joke and also perform in our local NAFI Idol talent show.

When asked to describe him, one group home resident said “He’s a great help at teaching me what I find annoying.” Another said, “He’s funny. No, like, seriously, literally funny. I’ve never met a doctor who’s that funny.” The program director of the group home said, “Everything he does is coming from the best, most generous and humble place.”

It is rare to encounter a psychiatrist this warm, loving, and humble. For these and so many other reasons, we are proud to award the Spirit of Community Award to one of NAFI CT’s psychiatrists Dr. Jeffrey Landau.