Residential Programs

NAFI CT operates several programs that serve youth and adults who require residential care on a long-term or short-term basis. Each of these programs provides comprehensive treatment services in a home-like environment. We offer two distinct types of residential care:

Therapeutic Group Homes:

NAFI CT’s therapeutic group homes provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and young adults with complex behavioral health needs and/or developmental issues. Each home-like environment has its own focus, customizing the entire treatment milieu to meet the needs of the children and young adults served. Residents and their families are encouraged to participate as partners in the treatment planning and process.

Residential Programs for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities:

NAFI CT excels at creating an atmosphere where opportunities exist for individuals to make choices, increase their independence, and maximize personal potential. Our Community Living Arrangement (CLA) and Continuous Residence Support (CRS) programs provide habilitative, social, vocational, educational and recreational choices that enable each individual to develop increased levels of independence and personal success. Highly trained and compassionate support staff are available to assist individuals in all activities of daily living.