Corbin House

Dover-HouseCorbin House is a four-bed group home that provides treatment for adolescent males ages 13 to 20 with developmental disabilities and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. The home and its staff provide 24-hour supervision, clinical services, and unconditional support in an environment that allows for individualized treatment and subsequent planning.

Corbin House honors and appreciates that each young man is unique, and focuses on strengths while facilitating independence, allowing each youth to succeed at his own pace and comfort level while encouraging integration within the community. The staff are specifically trained to work with the young men utilizing a relational approach which fosters healing and promotes skill building. Skill development includes, but is not limited to, emotional self-regulation, activities of daily living and fostering a talent or trade. Treatment goals are achieved through on-going service plans that address educational, family, cultural, spiritual and social needs. Each resident’s family is encouraged to be active in all treatment planning and to maintain an integral role in the life of their child.

Program Mission Statement: Learning together to grow into healthy members of our community. 

Program Contact:

Kevin McLaughlin

45 Dover Road
New Britain, CT 06052

Phone: 860.827.0403
Fax: 860.827.1042

Program Information:

  • Program Type: Developmental Disabilities
  • Service Type: Group Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Capacity: 4
  • Ages: 13-20
  • Length of Stay: Until the child reaches a level of independence appropriate for a lower level of care, but not past the age of 21.

Referring Agencies:

Department of Children and Families (DCF)